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Hillah Shriners
3581 Lear Way
Medford, Oregon 97504

Phone: (541) 774-1305 


Web Page:

Shriners Hospital contact:

Barbara Flaherty – 503 221-3480


Meets every Friday at 10:30 a.m. 


434 Redwood Avenue Abbey Mall

Fellow Nobles and Ladies:
Dee Ann's Tea Room is a great place to
have lunch. The staff are very accommodating
and the food is good. All Masons are welcome
and encouraged to join us. You should make
our Friday luncheons a habit! Remember – if
you want breakfast, you must place your order
by 10:45 a.m .
The Tea Room was closed to us on
December 7th. We had our regular luncheon at
Blue Water Cafe.
We are pleased to report that there were
43 of us in attendance at our Annual Christmas
Party on December 14th at Beachfront Bistro. It
was a wonderful evening and the weather cooperated
very nicely.
We welcomed our Ladies at our December
28th luncheon. Since the Tea Room was
closed for the holidays, we met at Cazadores
Mexican Restaurant. There were eleven of us in
attendance. These are fun luncheons and are
not too long. You should try to join us.
The Capsule Drawing was held. Noble
Norm Alander's name was drawn. He was not
present to claim his winnings. Remember – you
must be present to win!
A big welcome to our newest member,
Noble Steve Parkinson!
This was my last meeting as President
of Chetco Shrine Club. I'm hanging it up after
three years. Thanks to each of you for your hard
work. You were always there when I needed
Yours In The Faith,
Ernie Turner, Out-Going President
Chetco Shrine Club
Happy New Year to our Fellow Shriners
at the Chetco Shrine Club!
This is my first attempt at writing something
for this Trestle Board. I thank all of you
who voted for me! I have some big shoes to fill,
as Ernie has done an excellent job as your
President for the past three years. We all thank
Ernie and his Lady Jane for all they have done –
The Chetco Shrine Club is going to have
a busy year. Not just our normal luncheons,
Ladies' Nights Out, but all of us doing what we
can to help the Temple Board make the All-You-
Can-Eat Breakfast during Azalea Weekend
another success.
In July, we have been asked by our new
Potentate to assist, welcome and feed members
of PNSA from the Northwestern U.S.A. and
Western Canada. We shall keep you informed
as we receive more information on how many
we might expect. We know they will be here on
July 22nd. They will arrive and depart by bus.
From here, they will head to Crescent City and
to the Trees of Mystery. On the 24th, they will
head back up Hwy 101 to the Bay Area for their
convention. Again, we will let you know as we
learn more.
John O'Hara, In-Coming President
Chetco Shrine Cub


      OFFICERS FOR 2019

      John O'Hara PM HA, President 541-412-0740
      Bill Griffin, V.P. 541-469-4619
      Joel Reich, Sec./Treas. 541-251-3214
      Tobias Kellogg, Sgt.of Arms 707-954-1137
      Joel Reich, Hosp Coord. 541-251-3214
      Steve Pomerleau PP Rajah 541-412-0304


      434 Redwood Avenue Abbey Mall